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Kaohsiung Management Office

Kaohsiung Management Office


CHIMEI Corporation Collaborates with the Irrigation Agency to Create Carbon Sink Green Corridor along Chianan Irrigation Canal for Sustainable Agriculture ESG

Date :2024-03-06 Issued bySecretariat

To establish green corridors along irrigation canals, the Irrigation Agency has continued to conduct vegetation projects in 2024, aligning them with the agricultural net-zero emissions policy to promote sustainable agriculture ESG. This year, the Agency partnered with CHIMEI Corporation on the Chianan Irrigation Canal Green Corridor Tree Planting and Maintenance Program. Prior to Arbor Day, a tree-planting event, marking a tangible move toward sustainability ESG in agriculture. On March 6th, the Director-General, CHIMEI Corporation's Vice President Chen Shi-Xian, and 52 employees participated in the tree-planting activity alongside the canal, transforming it into a carbon sink green corridor. This endeavor revitalizes the century-old canal and contributes to global net-zero carbon emission goals.

The Chianan Irrigation Canal green corridor serves as a sustainable agriculture ESG site. CHIMEI Corporation plans to donate NT$1 million annually to fund tree planting and maintenance along vacant lands adjacent to the canal. Over the next five years, they aim to plant and maintain trees along a total length of 1,100 meters, with over 500 trees expected to be planted. Today's joint tree planting integrates with CHIMEI Corporation's new employee education and training program, where each new hire plants a seedling, adding greenery to the century-old Chianan Irrigation Canal and creating green corridors to preserve precious agricultural water resources. This public-private cooperation fosters awareness of ecological sustainability to be passed on, encouraging every sector to protect their hometown's water and create a better environment through tree planting. Domestic and international tourists are also welcome to visit the canal green corridor for cycling, walking, and experiencing the agricultural landscapes along the canal.

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Last Updated:2024-05-13