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Kaohsiung Management Office

Kaohsiung Management Office




The organizational structure of Kaohsiung Management Office, Irrigation Agency from top to bottom includes:

1 Director, 1 Deputy Director, and 1 Chief Engineer. There are also the General Affairs Division, Finance Division, Management Division, Engineering Division, Accounting and Statistics Office, Human Resources Office, Counseling Office, and Information Management Office. 

There are also affiliated stations, including the Liugui Station, Zhuzimen Station, Zuoying Station, Jiyang Station, Zhongtan Station, Yuemei Station, Qishan Station, Hunei Station, Alian Station, Gangshan Station, Xiaogang Station, Daliau Station, Jiuqu Station, Niaosong Station, Fengshan Station and Nanzi Station.

Last Updated:2024/03/06