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Kaohsiung Management Office

Kaohsiung Management Office


Irrigation Agency Holds Interdepartmental Meeting; Director-General Tasi Sheng-fu Commends Kaohsiung Office's Drought Resistance Achievements in 2023

Date :2024-02-26 Issued byGovernment Ethics Office

On February 17, 2024, the Irrigation Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture held its fourth interdepartmental meeting in Kaohsiung. The meeting took place at the Gushan Warehouse Industrial and Cultural Park of the Farmers’ Association in the Dashu District.

During the meeting, the Kaohsiung Management Office presented the "Successful Drought Resistance Experience in Kaohsiung in 2023". The Director-General praised the office's efforts in overcoming the severe drought during the first irrigation period of 2023, which surpassed the challenges faced in 2022. Under the office’s leadership, several drought resistance measures were implemented including early irrigation supply, staggered field preparation, reduction in peak water usage, flexible irrigation adjustments, and precise water allocation. These initiatives fostered trust among farmers and encouraged the adoption of the alternate wetting and drying method, leading to timely completion of the first irrigation period with crop yields exceeding previous years. The water conservation efforts also ontributed to the municipal and industrial water supply in Greater Kaohsiung, making the Kaohsiung Management Office's success a valuable reference for future drought responses.

Addressing reports on "Achievements and Outlook in Expanding Irrigation Services," "Dredging Operations and Improvements by the Agency’s Offices," and impromptu discussions, the Director-General emphasized the importance of "Retaining Water for Irrigation." Strategies were devised to uphold this vision, including water reservation for drought relief, extensive water channeling, smart irrigation, and sustainability for mutual prosperity, aimed at actively expanding irrigation services to ensure farmers both within and beyond irrigation areas have access to water. Enhancement measures such as smart gate management and canal inspections, subsidies for dredging and emergency repairs during disasters, analysis and application of sediment hotspots, and facility maintenance were identified to improve disaster prevention and response capabilities and enhance the resilience of irrigation facilities. The Director-General also urged all offices to complete annual maintenance on irrigation facilities before the start of the irrigation period to ensure uninterrupted water supply.

Thanks to all management directors for their cooperation and valuable opinions

The Irrigation Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture held its fourth interdepartmental meeting in Kaohsiung

The Kaohsiung Management Office presented the Successful Drought Resistance Experience in Kaohsiung in 2023.

Last Updated:2024-03-25